Your web browser will need to be configured in order to browse web sites on I2P and to utilize the outproxies available within I2P. Below are walkthroughs for some of the most popular browsers.

Профиль Firefox для Windows

If you are using Windows, the recommended way of accessing I2P is using the Firefox profile.

If you do not wish to use that profile or are not on Windows, you need to configure your browser yourself. Read below on how to that.

Как настроить ваш браузер


Experimental, extension-based Configuration

A new way of automatically configuring the I2P Browser is currently being tested. It uses the Firefox's "Container Tabs" to build private browsing tools for use with I2P and I2P applications.

It does pre-configuration of your browser by enabling some of the privacy Browser Settings like ResistFingerprinting, and enforces WebRTC proxy obedience. It also contains menus, shortcuts, and monitoring tools improving Firefox's integration with I2P. It is a by-product of the I2P Browser project.

The extension, I2P in Private Browsing, can be obtained from the Mozilla addon store.

Инструкции для Firefox 57 ниже:

По кнопке Меню в правом верхнем углу выберите пункт Настройки. Прокрутите вниз, пока не увидите раздел сетевого прокси, как показано на скриншоте ниже. Нажмите на Настройки

Сетевые настройки Firefox57

Во всплывающем окне Параметры подключения выберите Настройка прокси-сервера вручную. Установите HTTP и SSL прокси для адреса с портом 4444, как показано на следующем скриншоте.

Настройки соединения

Finally, go to the address about:config and find the property Ensure that this setting is True.

PeerConnection Settings


Experimental, extension-based Configuration

An experimental, partially-automated configuration process for Chrome is available. In order to configure it, create a new Profile especially for your I2P browsing, separate from the default profile. Then install this Extension in your newly-created profile. This profile is now configured to use I2P. Highly detailed instructions are available at the homepage.

All Chrome Versions

Chromium-Based Browsers like Chrome have slightly different places for their proxy settings depending on variant and platform. These instructions may be slightly different in Brave or Iridium, for instance. From the Main menu, navigate to the Settings, and search for the menu item. Clicking it will open the right settings for your platform.

Chrome Proxy Options

On Windows, this button will launch you into the shared proxy settings used by Internet Explorer, and you can configure it by following the Internet Explorer 8 guide.

Internet Explorer

In the start menu search for the the "Network and Internet Settings" to open the settings. The last entry in the menu is the Proxy Settings, click it to your proxy to connect to I2P.

Настройки Интернет в IE

Now set the checkmark at "use a proxy server for your LAN" and at the "Bypass proxy server for local addresses". With a click on Advanced-button you open the window to open the ports. Enter the values like on the picture, IP and port 4444 for HTTP, port 4445 for HTTPS. With clicks on OK you save the settings and your browser is set to use the I2P proxy.

Настройки прокси-сервера в IE

Условия использования внешнего прокси

Помните: I2P не был спроектирован для создания прокси во внешний Интернет. Вместо этого I2P предназначена для использования в качестве внутренней сети.

The I2P project itself does not run any proxies to the Internet. The only outproxy is a service from the privacy solutions project. Consider donating to them for a continued stable service. Increased funding will allow them to improve this service.

By default, I2P comes with two outproxies configured: false.i2p and outproxy-tor.meeh.i2p. Even the domain names are different, it's the same outproxy you hit. (multi-homed/keyed for better performance)

На этих внешних прокси настроено фильтрование (например, mibbit и torrent-трекеры заблокированы). Сайты, доступные по адресам .i2p, также не разрешены через внешние прокси. Для удобства внешние прокси блокируют рекламные серверы.

Tor is a good application to use as an outproxy to the Internet.