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We have learned several things since our 2.0.0 release in November. As routers have updated to that release, the network has gone from about 1% to over 60% support for our new SSU2 transport protocol. First, we have confirmed that SSU2 is a solid, well designed, and secure protocol. Second, however, we have found and fixed numerous minor or rarely-triggered bugs in the implementation of the protocol. Cumulatively, the effects of these bugs have reduced the performance of the network.

Also, we are aware of increased tunnel count and reduced tunnel build success rate in the network, possibly triggered by Bitcoin's new I2P transient address feature, but made worse by our SSU2 bugs and other congestion control problems. We are working with Bitcoin and other non-Bitcoin projects to reduce I2P network demands. We have improved our algorithms to reduce network load during times of congestion. We are also collaborating with i2pd to develop common congestion control strategies.

Therefore, we have accelerated this release by about six weeks, to get the fixes out to everybody. i2pd released their version 2.45.0 last week and the early results are encouraging. New protocols, and distributed networks, are difficult to develop. Congestion can arrive with little warning and with little clue of the cause. Thank you for your patience as we have diagnosed and hopefully fixed the problems.

Seperti biasanya, kami merekomendasikan agar Anda memperbarui ke rilis ini. Cara terbaik untuk mengelola keamanan dan bantuan pada jaringan adalah dengan menjalankan rilis terbaru.


Beberapa perubahan

  • Console: New status and banned peers tabs on /peers
  • i2ptunnel: Add torsocks support
  • i2ptunnel: Add SOCKS tunnel conversion to CONNECT outproxy
  • i2ptunnel: Add SOCKS outproxy port configuration
  • i2ptunnel: Update encryption type defaults
  • Router: Improved congestion detection and handling
  • Router: Use compressible padding for destinations and router infos (proposal 161)
  • SSU: Redesign symmetric NAT detection

Perbaikan Bug

  • Console: Fix configuration for Argentinian Spanish
  • Crypto: Fix LS2 encrypted leasesets, broken since 1.8.0
  • i2psnark: Avoid OOM starting large number of torrents
  • i2ptunnel: Numerous SOCKS tunnel fixes
  • NTCP: Fix rare termination NPE
  • Profiles: Fix profile load stopping after hitting corrupt file
  • Router: Clock skew handling fixes and improvements
  • SSU: Don't publish IPv4 address when configured for IPv6-only
  • SSU: Fix handling of banned peers
  • SSU2: Peer Test fixes and improvements
  • SSU2: Termination fixes and improvements
  • SSU2: Token and handshake fixes and improvements
  • SSU2: Fix rare packet handling NPE
  • SSU2: Fix rare termination IAE
  • SSU2: Fix retransmission of session confirmed
  • SSU2: Fix attempted connection to ourselves as an introducer
  • UPnP: Catch rare assertion error


  • Console: Add leaseset lookup to advanced search form
  • i2psnark: Add partial Dutch translation
  • i2ptunnel: Allow IRCv3 ACCOUNT and CHGHOST through filter
  • SSU2: Preliminary support for disabling SSU1
  • Sybil: Add IPv6 address tests
  • Pembaruan terjemahan

Full list of fixed bugs

Checksum SHA256:

88e0d49090341f5bfa30299c3fa549c365da57a074ef694cf8201666687e583a  i2pinstall_2.1.0_windows.exe
153c7988e7a9f0c2affd1e001d554e2519dd439c08bd7c024643b749db1308c1  i2pinstall_2.1.0.jar
83098c1277204c5569284b32b37ef137656b27bfe15ef903eca2da7c269288d1  i2psource_2.1.0.tar.bz2
54cf3f146f3a630fc2486f79f24c9cfc59d4c9974df0c4479251624fa7bc12a1  i2pupdate_2.1.0.zip
28a6a2f95ba9a613a040976e6d30e6662fc90241f08607f2ce43c6332b9f71bf  i2pupdate.su3