• Posted: 2010-11-15
  • Author: I2P devs

The 0.8.1 release contains the usual collection of bug fixes and performance tweaks. There is also a new i2psnark theme and several translation updates. Upgrading is recommended.

Please help grow the network. Give the developers feedback on IRC #i2p or forum.i2p2.de and get involved, spread the word, and donate! We are still looking for help on new and existing translations. Please volunteer on IRC #i2p.

Files are available on the download page.

Release details:

1.6 or higher JDK now required to build from source.
1.5 or higher JRE still OK to run I2P.


- Fix eepget redirect bugs
- Fix bug causing GeoIP lookups to stop
- Don't let alternative naming services look up b32 addresses
- Try to prevent firewalled routers from running out of introducers
- Try again to fix i2ptunnel nonce bug


- Make streaming flush much faster
- Use flush in more places
- Convert several lists to queues
- Fix crypto YK precalculation
- Disable unused I2CP acknowledgements in several cases
- Don't route tunnels through peers 0.7.8 and earlier as they have message corruption bugs


- Redesign by dr|zed
- File download priority feature
- Lots of bug fixes

File Permissions

- All user files created by I2P will now be readable only by the owner (mode 600)


- The technical documentation on our website is now current, complete, and accurate. See http://www.i2p2.de/how .
- Javadocs have been updated throughout the source.
- Full Javadocs are now available at http://docs.i2p-projekt.de/javadoc/ .

SHA256 Checksums:

 881530e079114b6da2c3eba069f7d4eeedf503983d5c50737b6779f7f5d8f76f  i2pinstall_0.8.1.exe
 f16f1e8a59f1af91551f2dfdf3cac88eec7298495c924128a913cf2ec50066de  i2psource_0.8.1.tar.bz2
 9905212e945af9e1bb2def02abc62496a92b7d2a9f4ef497a0bb9dbf84c1dffe  i2pupdate_0.8.1.zip
 1253884176e7da4ab8541606196e7802e1fcfb28335a459bc7d69a79e2823eab  i2pupdate.su2
 63cfb32ebf6adbc3c2ee6364b471f9e57ce680c85c6152dca92a411fadd77694  i2pupdate.sud

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