• Posted: 2009-10-12
  • Author: I2P devs

I2P version 0.7.7 contains several anonymity improvements. The use of session keys for crypto was completely reworked, and I2PSnark now uses its own tunnels for tracker communication. Work continues on improving the router console, including conformance to HTML standards and better support of UTF-8.

Work also continues on increasing speeds, both by reducing the number of session keys transferred, by improving the methods of dropping messages during overload, and by reducing drops by high-bandwidth routers. There is a new unsigned update option for those of you that would like automatic updates to bleeding-edge development versions.

The release also contains several changes to reduce memory and CPU usage, and a large assortment of bug fixes. Upgrading is recommended. Please give the developers feedback on IRC #i2p or forum.i2p2.de and get involved!

Release details:


- Redesign bloom filters, saves 6-8MB heap.
- Reduce PRNG buffers for I2PAppContext, saves 3.5MB heap.
- Remove more unused classes and code, more Java 5 cleanups
- Reduce connection limits slightly.


- Improve the random early discarder, to be smarter - will hopefully improve tunnel speeds
- Increase the size of the Bloom filter for high bandwidth routers (>= 512KBps share) to reduce packet discards


- Use multiple Session Key Managers for anonymity benefits
- Reduce the number of Session Tags sent out at once, for efficiency - should reduce stalls on long-lived connections


- Lots of HTML cleanups and fixes
- UTF-8 fixes
- New error page


- New unsigned update option
- Verify zip file integrity at startup


- Use snark's tunnels rather than the HTTP Proxy for announces and torrent fetches, for efficiency and anonymity.

SHA256 Checksums:

4f237aeff2a35a10cf633731ffda59c745ce1e1c2aed998b5deb306c0082fc42  i2pinstall_0.7.7.exe
88e9f63f0bd6923130656a2c00936064ecd6d4ec122f9037da22fd77e5ae827b  i2psource_0.7.7.tar.bz2
0c9d8b08d9a561d3d70d99ca6e3ccd3f0d14d3abdd5e23a598dbbf7832b7bc03  i2pupdate_0.7.7.zip
f57fab38141f652dffcd1073dce16ac5fb151645439fd6038141552333d2d179  i2pupdate.sud

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