• 0.9.6 Release

    0.9.6 includes bug fixes and an update from Jetty 6.1.26 (2010-11-10) to Jetty 7.6.10 (2013-03-12). See below for important information on the Jetty update. The Jetty 7 series is actively maintained and we plan to stay current with it in future I2P releases.

    Posted 2013-05-28 by I2P devs
  • 0.9.5 Release

    0.9.5 includes bug fixes and defenses for some issues and vulnerabilities that are being investigated by researchers at UCSB. We continue to work with them on additional improvements. This is a good opportunity to remind the community that while our network continues to grow rapidly, it is still relatively small. There may be multiple weaknesses or bugs that could compromise your anonymity. Help us grow the network by spreading the word and contributing where you can.

    Posted 2013-03-08 by I2P devs
  • 0.9.4 Release

    0.9.4 includes a fix for a network capacity bug, introduced in 0.9.2, that was reducing network performance and reliability. It also includes major changes in the in-network update system, and adds the capability to update via in-network torrents.

    Posted 2012-12-17 by I2P devs
  • 0.9.3 Release

    0.9.3 includes extensive low-level changes to the queueing of messages in the router. We implement the CoDel Active Queue Management (AQM) algorithm. We also unify the queueing and priority mechanisms in the transports to aid diagnosis and reduce network latency. Work continues on fixing UDP transport bugs and making UDP more resistant to attacks. There are more changes to improve the performance of the router and reduce its memory usage. Also, we enable i2psnark's DHT support, introduced last release, by default.

    Posted 2012-10-27 by I2P devs
  • 0.9.2 Release

    0.9.2 includes extensive low-level changes to improve the performance and efficiency of the router. We have updated our UPnP library, to hopefully make UPnP work for more people. I2PSnark now has DHT support, but it is not yet enabled by default, as we plan to do more testing during the upcoming 0.9.3 development cycle.

    Posted 2012-09-21 by I2P devs
  • 0.9.1 Release

    0.9.1 includes a large number of bug fixes in i2psnark, some streaming lib improvements, home page changes, new themes, and translation updates.

    Posted 2012-07-30 by I2P devs
  • 0.9 Release

    The 0.9 release concludes over a year and a half of work on the 0.8.x series, in which we greatly improved the performance and security of the router, and the scalability of the network.

    Posted 2012-05-02 by I2P devs
  • 0.8.13 Release

    The 0.8.13 release contains several bug fixes and a couple of new features. We are pleased that the last release significantly improved performance, and the network is running well despite continued rapid growth.

    Posted 2012-02-27 by I2P devs
  • 0.8.12 Release

    The 0.8.12 release fixes several message corruption bugs, some present since 2005. It also contains a redesign of the router's congestion control, and continued optimization of CPU and memory usage. We are hopeful that these changes will improve network performance.

    Posted 2012-01-06 by I2P devs
  • 0.8.11 Release

    Release 0.8.11 includes several more changes to reduce the number of router-to-router connections and increase connection and tunnel build capacity. The goal, of course, is to improve tunnel build success rates and general reliability. As always, there's a few bug fixes and translation updates.

    Posted 2011-11-08 by I2P devs